$kimmed Milk, Single Channel HD Video, colour, sound, 7:30 mins, 2017.

$kimmed Milk is a video work that celebrates the expression of youth culture slang and suburban identities formulated through the exploration of the anti-narrative. The video proposes modalities of the unfamiliar that are seen through altered found spaces, fashion, real-time responses, acts of transgression and exaggerated editing. It seeks to escape and transcend highly constructed forms of contemporary youth as portrayed by social media, into a relatable yet heightened version of modern slang and behaviour.
The utopic space, set in a suburban ghost town, is home to the protagonist of the work who guides us through her surreal breakup with her partner in the form of a visual degustation. This comes with advice from her friend, mid haircut, and help from a futuristic milkman who provides some liqueur to aid the emotional trauma. The involvement of their transgressive behaviours open the potential for more complex emotional and psychological states. This otherworldly environment provokes the works unruly interactions and relationships allowing the absurdity of the characters to expand the spatio-temporal dimensions beyond the screen.

Soundtrack by Harry Klein
Narration by Harry Klein and Gillian Kayrooz



Move Down,  Single-channel HD video, colour, sound, 4:12 mins, 2017

Directed and edited by Gillian Kayrooz