Harry Klein searches for the beauty in the bittersweet. His focus is on the synergy between sound and image. The Eora/Sydney multidisciplinary artist combines his songwriting and music production with his visual artistry to create immersive left of field, audio/visual performances. Harry's existential and thought provoking lyricism is symbiotic with his genre-blending mix of eclectic sounds and imagery, adding to the post-genre landscape of electronic music.

Harry’s latest single Who Floats Above takes a departure from his debut album, And Then There Was None. It’s a bittersweet meditative instrumental track, sending the listener into a false sense of calm, only to pull you into an uneasy desolate world of experimental glitch. As if a thunderstorm has passed through you.

Rex Pollard from Electronic Music Australia notes, “It is clear to me that Klein contains excellent knowledge on formulating dystopian atmospheres with his production, encouraging listeners to exit reality and enter his dark, sinister worlds.”

Harry’s debut album, And Then There Was None is a political expression exploring uncomfortable questions about relationships, community and social constructs of power. It offers experimental electronica/dance productions alongside tunes with a melancholic pop flavoring.  Each track invites you to dance introspectively.

Since starting this project in 2023 Harry has released his debut album, 4 singles and has showcased his work around Australia including Up Late at the Powerhouse Museum, Brand X Artist Showcase at the Create NSW studios, creating a sound installation for Wide Open Space Festival and made his festival performance debut at Waves Retreat Festival.

When Harry isn’t making art, he is teaching, mentoring and supporting emerging artists at Sydney College of the Arts. He is the Senior Technical Officer of Screen Arts and Photomedia.